Mumpkin Fail

mumpkin - chrysanthemum covered pumpkin

Mumpkin – chrysanthemum covered pumpkin by Lowe’s Creative Ideas

These “mumpkins” from Lowe’s Creative Ideas are cute and creative, but they only stay fresh for about four days, and they cost $10-20 each in supplies. Jamie from Time 2 Save Workshops had a better idea… spend $2 in fake pumpkins and flowers at the dollar store, and she’d create a faux mumpkin that would be just as pretty, and way cheaper, plus it would last forever.

And ever.

mumpkin craft fail

Now, as a fan of dollar store crafts myself, I don’t think it’s a total fail. I mean, it doesn’t look much like the original, but it’s still fine for other things.

Jamie called it herself, though: NAILED IT. Read the rest of the details of her fail here: Mumkin Fail.

mumpkin: nailed it

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  1. Aurelas says:

    I think with smaller flowers it would still be a great idea.

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