A Case of Beer Cake Fail

Lisa B wanted to create this stacked beauty, a very klassy Budweiser Beer Cake she spotted on flickr.com for her Dad on Father’s Day

Things were going really well until she had to transport it…

Over the river and through the Burbs.
To Daddy’s house, I pulled up to the curb.
It might have been the stop sign I almost didn’t see
or that dog that ran in front of me.
Beer cans strewn! Ribbons in a tatter!
Daddy smiled and said “It really doesn’t matter.”
His words were kind but I could tell by the look on his face
He wondered why I didnt just leave them in the damn case?

2 Responses to A Case of Beer Cake Fail

  1. C.K. says:

    bahahahaha !!!!

  2. Honey says:

    You could maybe unstack to transport?

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