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A Wiggly Bowl of Worm Fail

Reader Morena from shared her experience with a Pinterest-project-gone-wrong – Gelatin Worms!  The tutorial and this awesomely gross bowl of worms can be found at Instructables.

Pinterest Worms

Morena’s worms, however, couldn’t be coaxed from their straws without looking like bloody, blown up worms.  Which is also awesomely gross… but Morena wasn’t too thrilled about the walls looking like a crime scene from projectile gelatin.

Worm Fail

She admitted defeat and told her kids to just suck the worms out of their straws to get them out.  There was a bit of redemption with the discovery that when the worms were sucked out, the sound of gelatin being rapidly dislodged from a straw is disgusting (and naturally hilarious to kids).

Worm Fail

So while Morena didn’t end up with the squirmy, wormy treat she set out to make, it was still a win for Mom.

Nailed It

You can read more about her craft fail at her blog, Morena’s Corner.


3 Responses to A Wiggly Bowl of Worm Fail

  1. Lisa Branam says:

    Every time I see someone who has done this craft it has been a fail. Too bad because it looks cool.

  2. phoenix Bigelow says:

    I did this for my sons Halloween boy scout party…Was a pain in the butt, But it looked really cool with the jello eyeballs i made. Mine looked like the pic, just alot of work

  3. anon says:

    I think you added too little gelatin or too much water.

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