Blueberry Kabobs – Nailed It

Reader Kasey thought she had a simple recipe to follow with her blueberry kabobs that she found at One Good Thing By Jillee.  The steps were easy enough.  Put some blueberries on a stick, roll them in Greek yogurt and freeze.

She just had to take it one step further and use those teeny tiny organic blueberries.  Not only did they keep falling off the sticks…

They added extra goo.  Then, her fingers all turned blue.  NAILED IT! 


2 Responses to Blueberry Kabobs – Nailed It

  1. Alverdine says:

    That looks kinda like my attempt at cream cheese icing the other day, except mine went all gooey and icky, and then dried out and cracked for an extra layer of fail. I should have taken a photo and sent it in. But I ate it instead. :)

  2. Aurelas says:

    Maybe at least they tasted good? They look like they would :)

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