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Cupcake Cone Catastrophe

You know what kids love? Ice cream. Know what else? Cupcakes. And also? Surprises.

cupcake cones

So what could possibly be a better treat for kids than an ice cream cone that – SURPRISE – is actually a cupcake? Nothing, which is why Allison of Motherhood, WTF took a break from her usual laugh-until-it-hurts humor blogging to bring us this delightful and easy Cupcake Cone tutorial. Now we can all make them and become the Best Parent/Aunt/Babysitter/Classroom Snack-Maker Ever (a title we can enjoy for roughly five minutes or until all the cupcake cones are gone, whichever comes first).

I imagine that was the plan when JD from set to work, armed with a muffin tin and a dream.

Cupcake Cones - not so sweet

Cupcake Cones – not so sweet

Perhaps a little generous with the batter, JD overfilled the cones, which resulted in this lovely waterfall effect. Hurry up and eat the evidence while the second batch bakes! They still look delicious to me.

Cupcake Cone - nailed it.

Now before you comment to tell us what we did wrong (although, we DO love that), this particular craft has proven to be a tough one and is one of our Epic Craftfails because we get this project submitted so often. Don’t believe us? Check this out: Epic CraftFails of History: Cupcake Cones.

Did you fail at this project too? Don’t forget to submit it so we can all laugh at you together.

For more funny, visit Robyn at her blog, Hollow Tree Ventures!

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