DIY Wire Heart Ring – Nailed It

When reader Abbigail decided to try a DIY heart ring with her friends, they thought that the picture they saw on Pinterest (from the Maize Hutton blog) looked easy enough.

What could be easier than twisting some wire into a heart shape? How hard could it be?

“Now, we knew ours would not turn out exactly like the picture, because, I mean, when does it ever?” she mused.

Make the ring in a few easy steps? NOT!

“The instructions given ended up being TOO simple, as in they skipped multiple steps. We basically ended up forgetting about the instructions and just going off of the picture,” she added.

Halfway through, Abbigail gave up. There was no way that wire was going to cooperate with her. As for her friends, they found out that hearts come in slightly flattened and oblong shapes.

Wire jewelry, made straight from the heart.

DIY wire heart rings – Nailed it!

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