Festive Fail: Candy Corn Nails

I love a fun manicure.  Who doesn’t?  Reader Emily spotted Amber’s sweet tutorial for candy corn nails at My Nail Graffiti, and decided to Halloween-it-up herself.

Candy Corn Mani

source: My Nail Graffiti

Amber makes it look delicious, right?

Well, Emily’s attempt turned out to be far more “corny” than “candy”.  She submitted the following Halloween nail-fail that would scare anyone off :

Nail Fail

Nailed it.

3 Responses to Festive Fail: Candy Corn Nails

  1. Katie Lynn says:

    The answer is Scotch tape. You can either paint the tape, let dry, cut and use a strip of it (as your center section)or let each layer dry completely before putting the tape on your nail, paint your nail and then remove the tape.

  2. Katie that’s brilliant, thanks for the tip

  3. Heather says:

    Start off with white as a full base coat/primer. Let it dry. Then add a stripe of yellow at the base. Let it dry. Last, a single swipe of orange.

    It helps to have a steady hand, and tape can be used, but the girl above did white as the last step, and it should have been the first. Not only will it look less messy, the colors will pop better with a white base.

    Once all the layers are dry, you can swipe on glitter. Or, use gel polishes for the orange and yellow. In that case, put the glitter on top of the white, then layer the orange and yellow.

    Seal with a top coat.

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