Fireworks Nails — Bombed It

fireworks nails

Reader Rebekah was inspired by these Fireworks Nails from the nail art gallery at BeautyLish. The directions were simple: “have a white base color, place small dots of colored polish in corner of nail then spread colored polish dots outward with a toothpick.” Sounds pretty easy right?

Rebekah said, “I had a hard time with it however…”

failed fireworks nails

It looks just a little like my preschooler’s beautiful artwork, Rebekah!

You know what we like to say for nail art fails, right? All together now: “NAAAAAAILED IT!”

fireworks nails -- nailed it

5 Responses to Fireworks Nails — Bombed It

  1. Aurelas says:

    That looks like the way they would turn out if I tried it! I’m wondering if maybe for the original she applied a coat of the white and let them dry first…just a guess though.

  2. Amy says:

    I couldn’t do better than that! It still is pretty bad though. LOL!

  3. Fancy Pants says:

    Um… that actually looks pretty good. :\

  4. It’s pretty close! Maybe next time use a brush instead of a toothpick to get the texture better…

  5. diego says:

    the first one is ugle, though

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