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Halloween Cookie House Fail

Halloween Cookie House Kit

You know how when you see those cool gingerbread house kits at the store you think, “it’s pre-baked!  What could go wrong?”

That’s exactly what Crysta thought when she and her boyfriend attempted to make their very own Halloween pre-baked cookie house.

Who doesn’t want to impress their friends with a professional-looking candy-decorated gingerbread house?  Everyone will ooh and aah at your creative ingenuity!

Well, neither Crysta nor her boyfriend knew how to decorate with icing.  They each took a side and put their cookie decorating skills (or lack thereof) to the test.


Kyle’s side

Crysta’s side

It didn’t look like the picture on the box.  Does it ever?  Does it ever?

They worked on it a little bit more until…they gave up and ate it.  Let’s hope no ghosts came out of the “cookie-work” as they munched.

Halloween Haunted House Nailed it


Pumpkin cookie house: nailed it.  Or should we say, ATE IT!?!

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