Maxi Dress – A Maxi Mess

diy maxi dress

Maxi dresses are all the rage these days, or so my cool friends tell me. Keeping up with high style can get expensive, but luckily you can (in theory) sew yourself a whole closet full of these dresses on the cheap.

However, you have to remember that a key component to your homemade maxi dress is the waistline. Because let’s face it – a maxi dress that isn’t cinched in the middle has another name. That name is muumuu.

In one very simple and straightforward maxi dress tutorial, LeAna of A Small Snippet comes up with a great idea – use elastic thread to gather the waist into a ruffle.

With regular thread the dress is kind of hard to wriggle into, unless your chest and hips are smaller than your waist (and maybe they are – you’ll certainly get no judgement here). The elastic simplifies things, making the waist nice and stretchy.

Except not for reader Sarah. For her, it didn’t simplify things at all.

that's no ruffle

Sarah admits she didn’t exactly read all the instructions before she got started – and because of that, she’s a crafter after my own heart. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get a ruffle to happen even after rereading the post or trying the suggestions she found in the comments; I guess she’s just going to have to stick with jeans this fall. You can read the whole story in Sarah’s own words here, but to sum it up:

maxi dress - nailed itLooking for more funny? Check out Robyn’s blog at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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