T-shirt Pom Poms of Sadness

tshirt pom pom

Inspiration, these sweet pom poms from CraftaholicsAnonymous.net

Reader Ashley was inspired by these adorable t-shirt pom poms by Craftaholics Anonymous, and decided to tackle the t-shirt poms as decorations for a party she was hosting.

Unfortunately, “it came out terribly. TERRIBLY”

tshirt pom pom nailed it

8 Responses to T-shirt Pom Poms of Sadness

  1. I feel so vindicated! I have NEVER been able to make ANY kind of pom pom…

  2. Aurelas says:

    I have been thinking of trying these…now I’m a bit worried! My yarn pompoms always came out flat, more like sheaves of wheat or something!

  3. VeeBee says:

    I had to look just because of the title of the post “Tshirt Pom Poms of Sadness.” Awesome! And, yes I’m with the previous poster…I’ve never been able to make pom poms either.

  4. TK says:

    I have never tried to make a pompom, because, well they seem kinda hard. So I don’t judge. But this one made me laugh out loud. Made my day.

  5. Bia says:

    Hey guys.. I actually saw a tip on Pinterest about making pompoms…and I have one of my own… the tip is that after you do tie the knot, you kinda trim (really cut the longer pieces and leave it really small) the pompom, so it looks a lot fuller! And I used to make yarn dolls when I was a kid and I used a piece of cardboard shaped like a ruller to make the pompoms. You just have to wrap the yarn around the cardboard, in straigth lines and without any overlap, then, with a needle and another piece of yarn, you sew tru the wraped yarn on one of the far sides. After that, you cut on the un-sewed side, and you have a pompom… I don´t know if it made a lot of sense, but it´s really easy and cheap to do it that way…

  6. Kelsey says:

    I have seen this tutorial and the method seemed to make it more difficult imo. I usually just take one long strand of t shirt yarn and just wrap it around my hand (or other similar sized object at least 30+ times depending on the size you want to make them, carefully take the wound up yarn off, then take a separate 12″ or so strand of the yarn and wrap it around the center of the bunch and tie very tightly. Wrap it around again and tie on the back as well. And I agree with the above poster – you have to trim up the pom pom to make it round! Hope that helps :)

  7. Sheri says:

    I made these and blogged about it. The ones in the tutorial are pretty small… Smaller than they look in the picture, and the smaller ones fluff better. Heh. I made three and noticed different tshirt fabrics fluffed better than others. Heh.
    Also now my scissor blades are ridiculously dull.

  8. Susan says:

    At last, I found a place where I can display my wares…or should I say warinesses…or weirds. Like the time I tried to make the baloon candles…that rubber and wax mixture is hard to get off the walls! Now I am attempting to make tile coasters…of course, my paper is wrinkling…no matter how long I spend smoothing out the paper over the mod podged tile….

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