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Water Balloon Luminaries – Not So Illuminating

water balloon luminaries

What could set a more relaxing and inviting mood than the soft, twinkling glimmer of candles? That’s the idea behind these water balloon luminaries by candletech – to create a warm, inviting glow using little more than water balloons and some wax melted in a double boiler. “It seemed so simple,” reader Stephanie thought, as she decided to melt, dip, and dry her way to a new zen-like environment.

How could anything go wrong?

Wait a second, I’m not feeling very zen. What happened?

According to Stephanie, water balloons are still just as jiggly as you remember them being when you were a kid. That’s not a problem when they’re being hurled through the air in a good old-fashioned water balloon fight, but she found the jiggles a little hard to control for crafting purposes. When it came to making those unwieldy balloons keep their shape while dripping with scalding hot wax, it ended up being the project that she’d rather chuck across the room.

Also, there was the time factor; all the repeated dipping and cooling and redipping took a little longer than expected. She finally decided she just didn’t have the patience for making luminaries, cut her losses, and gave the whole thing a resounding, “Good enough!” ARE WE RELAXED YET?

water balloon luminaries - NAILED IT

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