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A Costume For Baby – Wigging Out

Prepare yourselves – you might have to shield your eyes from the cuteness.

This is one of my own personal children, wearing the wig I made for her on Halloween last year. You can find a tutorial for the entire Princess Leia costume on my blog, Hollow Tree Ventures, which is where I moved the instructions when I abandoned my crafts-only blog after finally coming to terms with the fact that the success of my craftiness is, to put it gently, hit or miss. With this project, I felt pretty clever for turning a pair of brown opaque tights into Princess Leia’s hair buns; I even gave myself bonus points for finding a way to keep her ears warm while we were trick-or-treating!

I should have stopped there – but do you think I did?

Of course not. Instead, I decided I’d make another wig using the same basic principle of shredding perfectly good hosiery. Because don’t babies love wearing wigs? Don’t all babies need a large selection of wigs to wear for every occasion?

The answer is no. No, they do not. Especially when the wigs are hideous.

With this attempt, I ignored my own instructions to use opaque tights and went with something a little more sheer, resulting in baby’s scalp being entirely exposed between rows of… what can only be described as the saddest, ugliest pretend hair you’ve ever seen. She looks like she’s wearing a cheap, black shammy mop on her head. You won’t be surprised to hear that I never posted a tutorial for this one.

For more funny stuff, check out Robyn’s (nearly wig-free) humor blog at Hollow Tree Ventures!

5 Responses to A Costume For Baby – Wigging Out

  1. kater says:

    What a good sport your baby is! Cuteness indeed. She could have gone out as a Rastafarian if you had a green, red, and yellow onesie. Another craft idea!

  2. robyn says:

    Dang, @kater, you’re right! Now I almost wish I hadn’t burned that wig.

  3. Kailee says:

    LOL rasta baby.

  4. C.K. says:


  5. Lisa says:

    can’t stop laughing…….gotta remember to breath….

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