Angel Food Cupcakes – not so angelic

angel food cupcakes

So light, so delicately sweet, so delicious… My mouth is watering just thinking about these chocolate chip angel food cupcakes by

The only part of the recipe I think they got wrong was where they said, “sometimes you just don’t need a whole big cake.” I beg to differ – yes I do. But, I suppose these little guys are just as yummy, plus they’re portable, so I’m on board.

Reader Laine must have felt the same way, because she extracted her vanilla and creamed her tartar. Unfortunately, when she mixed it all together she ended up with these not-so-heavenly treats.

angel food cupcakes - not quite

As you can see, her angel food cupcakes weren’t exactly angelic.

She isn’t sure where she went wrong; for some reason, they collapsed and stuck to the pan. But none of that matters as much as the answer to the big question we ask about all Food Fails – despite how they look, were they a delicious piece of heaven, or did they taste like hell?

angel food cupcakes - NAILED IT

You can catch more of Robyn failing for unknown reasons, just like these cupcakes, at her blog, Hollow Tree Ventures!

3 Responses to Angel Food Cupcakes – not so angelic

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is one of the worst food fails I’ve ever seen outside my own kitchen. One night I made something new (DANGER! DANGER!) and as I brought it to the table I said, “I hope this isn’t s**t,” and my kids lost it. Now whenever we eat something new everyone says “I hope this isn’t s**t” and laugh.

  2. Katie says:

    Angel Food cake will collapse if there is any oil in it at all. If the bowl she used to mix it had oil, if the mixer blade or spoon had oil on them, if the muffin tin has residual oil, or if, heaven forbid, she greased the tins before adding the batter, it will fail. Angel food cake is a pain to make bc most bakers use oil in all baked good in some way or another.

  3. Sheri says:

    Bleech let the angels keep that “food.” I need real cake.

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