Anthropologie DIY T-Shirt Remake – Nailed It

When Anthropologie put out this stylish t-shirt, it definitely inspired that creative need to sew – at least in some people.

One blogger tried it, and you’d think she’d started her own sewing business!


When fellow reader Megan happened upon that blog and saw success, she thought she’d give it a try.

She had an engagement shoot in a week and was going to make her t-shirt  re-do look fabulous.

Snip, snip here.

Cut, cut there.

Sew a little bit on to the top – no problem.

Only one thing she didn’t do:

Make a little room for the girls.

“The knot was too tight and the straps were too small – darn you DD’s!” she said.

Well, better luck next time.

Nailed it!

One Response to Anthropologie DIY T-Shirt Remake – Nailed It

  1. Jennifer says:

    Boobage has always been a problem for me too, altho I don’t have DD’s — I’m a little ol’ C and I hate these damn things.

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