Harry Potter Icing Figures Fail

Sorting hat and Harry Potter

We’ve all seen those fabulous cakes at Halloween parties with beautiful icing figurines and fabulously decorated frosting.

And since Halloween comes around only once a year, it can’t be that hard to reproduce an amazing Harry Potter scene, complete with a sorting hat, and little icing figurines, right?

Maybe it won’t look exactly like how those professionals do it, but how much practice to they get anyways?

Reader Trudy decided to tackle this conundrum.  She was going to make a Harry Potter scene for all the children to appreciate.

She got some modeling icing and made the Sorting Hat.  Then she went on to make the Harry, Ron and Hermione figures.

They would be so cute!

Sorting Hat, Harry, Ron, and Hermione

Not so much.

“I was aiming for cute, but I got creepy instead,” lamented Trudy.  “The icing squashed them down and they ended up slightly obese.  Then the icing pen bled into the rest of the icing on their faces and made them look sinister.”

Perhaps we could convince the children that Harry, Ron and Hermione have sinister look-alikes.

While no one would have a problem biting into the sorting hat, would it be the same for the little icing figures?

Would the children be able to eat the bodies and not giggle with sinister pleasure?


Harry Potter Icing Figures Nailed It

Trudy, you Nailed It!


2 Responses to Harry Potter Icing Figures Fail

  1. meg says:

    Ha Ha! Bravo, Trudy! you guys are awesome! LOL! Thanks, Cyndi!

  2. Paula says:

    The hat cake looked like a huge pile of dog poo. I laughed so hard, absolutely hilarious!!

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