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Ivory Soap Cloud Fail Redux

Ivory Soap Clouds

When CraftFail reader Stephanie saw Pintester’s post on Ivory Soap Clouds, she was like “surely if it turned out okay for her, it would for me, too.”

Yeah, what could ever go wrong when you’re microwaving soap?

Even our Pintester admitted to having the clouds look a little “labia-like.”

So a few problems might be expected, right?


Ivory Soap Cloud Fail

Stephanie said, “I got Ivory soap vomit all over my microwave.  And have you ever tried to clean an ENTIRE bar of soap from a microwave?”

Hmm…we all might have thought that process would have been fairly “clean.”

But, thinking about it, just how do you clean soap from a microwave?

Surely it was sparkling after that craft adventure.

Stephanie’s five year old, however, was not impressed.

Ivory Soap Cloud Fail


At least we know now that microwaved soap may or may not behave like vomit.

Nailed it.

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