Penguin Cupcakes and Soda Fail

When reader Adina saw these penguin cupcakes, she knew she just had to try them.

But, she only wanted to add the penguins as toppers and use cake substitute with another substitute: Mountain Dew soda.

What we didn’t know is that sometimes Mountain Dew acts in mysterious ways.

As Adina was making the cupcakes, she made a little unexpected discovery:

“The Mountain Dew cupcakes exploded,” she chided.

Despite that little setback, she persevered.  A bit of  icing and a fun little penguin on top would make it all better.

Put a piece of Oreo here, and a little candy there….

“The penguin turned out like a Cartman look-a-like,” she grumbled.

Cartman did always like his candy.  As for Mountain Dew, it’s good to know it might possibly explode in cake substitutes.

Mountain Dew and Penguin Cupcakes: nailed it!

5 Responses to Penguin Cupcakes and Soda Fail

  1. Aurelas says:

    Wow! I will definitely remember that! I wonder if Dr Pepper does the same thing…I’ve always wanted to make a Dr Pepper cake. And a root beer cake…now I’m hungry!

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  4. Sheri says:

    Looks like Shaun the Sheep to me!

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