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Play Dough, or play D’OH?

play dough by

Play-Doh is fun for all ages, and I don’t mean just to eat. The trouble is, when you let your kids pull out their stash to create lovely sculptures and/or grind the colorful putty deep into your carpet fibers, you usually discover it’s all dried out and worthless, or else someone has mixed it all together so the only color you have is brown.

But before the kids start whining that their lives are ruined because they don’t have any salty multi-colored clay to play with, never fear – you can make your own! There’s a great recipe for homemade play dough by, complete with step-by-step photos featuring an adorable assistant who I’m guessing you don’t get to borrow if you take this project on yourself.

That’s why reader Erin wisely enlisted her own kids to help her out. How did it go?

Play D'OHIn Erin’s own words, she tells us what happened.

I intended to have a lovely afternoon making homemade play-dough and memories with my 3 children. I followed the directions on the site but .. obviously .. I failed. It was a hot sticky mess.

Though she had the best intentions, it’s reported that Erin’s children are still crying to this day.

Her carpet, however, continues to look fabulous.

In review:

Play Dough or play D'OH?For more laughs from Robyn, visit her blog at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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