That’s How The Spider Cookie Crumbles

Sure, Halloween is the season for trick-or-treating, but it’s also the season for treats that are tricks. That’s why, in October, you can find so many¬†recipes for food shaped like stuff you wouldn’t dream of eating any other time of year – like these cracker spiders found on

They look delicious, right? Well, leave it to Toulouse, of Toulouse and Tonic, to find a way to improve on a good thing. The only missing ingredient was boatloads of sugar, so swap the crackers out for cookies, and…

Okay, so the eyes are melting off its face, and technically it’s missing a couple legs, but my taste buds took a vote and determined that sugar is sugar – even ugly sugar. Cookies win!

Spider snack - nailed it.

You can find more of Robyn’s funny stuff on her blog, Hollow Tree Ventures!

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