Bacon-y Lady Bits

bacon pancakes

This might be the most wholesome, family-oriented inspiration photo in the history of Pinterest. You can almost smell the bacon, almost hear Mom humming softly to herself as she wipes her floured hands on her apron, consults her carefully placed recipe card, and gently drizzles pancake batter from her grandmother’s antique glass pitcher¬†over the sizzling griddle.

Well, that’s the scene set by anyway, with this Bacon Strip Pancake recipe. Leave it to Leslie, more famously known as the delightfully inappropriate¬†The Bearded Iris, to turn her bacon bits into bacon-y lady bits.

bacony lady bits

Looks like the kids are eating breakfast blindfolded today!

bacon pancakes - nailed it

There’s more funny (but probably no lady part pictures) on Robyn’s blog, Hollow Tree Ventures!

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