Cheese Bites – Nailed It!

Breadcrumb Cheese Bites

You know how when friends gather to watch the football game, it’s all about the yummy appetizers and the cheesy goodness?

Sure, we like the football part, too, but it’s nothing without the food.

Reader Leah called her friends and said, “Come on over!  I’ve got cheese bites!”

She remembered seeing this delicious photo and found the directions.

She got the cheese, dipped it all into the milk, and then covered the bites with the breadcrumbs.  Everything would be nice and warm for her guests as soon as they arrived.

She never thought that a teeny, tiny recipe substitution would matter.



She only substituted panko bread crumbs with regular bread crumbs.

Panko didn’t like it.  Either that or the cheese didn’t like panko.

Hopefully, the guests didn’t see this little cooking mishap…or smell the cheese.

Nailed it.

Cheese Bites Fail

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  1. Martha says:

    I realize that I am commenting 5 months after this post was published, but my tips can be useful for this recipe for any time.

    1. Freeze the mozzarella before anything else. At least an hour, best if you freeze overnight or longer.

    2. After cutting the mozzarella to the desired size, cover them in these ingredients in this order:
    a. flour <– SO IMPORTANT FOR THIS! It
    helps the milk stay on the cheese stick so
    the crumbs can stick and prevents the
    cheese from oozing out too much.
    b. milk/cream/half and half/whatever you
    c. very dry breadcrumbs or Panko mixed
    with a little parmesan cheese (adds some
    extra flavor)
    d. egg or eggwhites, if you want less fat
    e. the panko/parmesan

    When you are putting the crumbs on the cheese sticks/bites, press the crumbs after rolling them on. they'll absorb more of the liquid, mold on to the cheese, and not crumble off. Then bake as directed (I think 425 degrees for 10-12 minutes, flip after 6-8 minutes?) Hope this helps people who come across this.

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