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Cheese Bites – Nailed It!

Breadcrumb Cheese Bites

You know how when friends gather to watch the football game, it’s all about the yummy appetizers and the cheesy goodness?

Sure, we like the football part, too, but it’s nothing without the food.

Reader Leah called her friends and said, “Come on over!  I’ve got cheese bites!”

She remembered seeing this delicious photo and found the directions.

She got the cheese, dipped it all into the milk, and then covered the bites with the breadcrumbs.  Everything would be nice and warm for her guests as soon as they arrived.

She never thought that a teeny, tiny recipe substitution would matter.



She only substituted panko bread crumbs with regular bread crumbs.

Panko didn’t like it.  Either that or the cheese didn’t like panko.

Hopefully, the guests didn’t see this little cooking mishap…or smell the cheese.

Nailed it.

Cheese Bites Fail

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