Chewy Caramels To Crack Your Teeth On

soft caramels

I’ll probably never try this yummy recipe for soft caramels by, simply because I can’t commit to standing by the stove and stirring for any length of time. Also, I don’t have a candy thermometer. Also, I don’t know what “white Karo syrup” is.

But none of those things deterred reader Katie, whose desire for the soft, chewy sweetness of caramel led to the unfortunate creation of…

not-so-soft soft caramels

…a caramel-flavored brick that she could barely chip out of the pan. As Katie tells us on The Crafty Blog Stalker, she followed the directions exactly. And yet…

soft caramel collage

For more funny, come visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she rarely serves her comedy with caramels, but at least you won’t chip a tooth.

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