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Christmas Ornaments and Baubles

Who doesn’t love a wonderfully decorated, perfectly coordinated Christmas tree?

And to think, you can make these beautiful baubles yourself, to complement your décor.

Well, that’s what reader Jana thought.

“My plan was to create a colorful glass ornament like the ones on this blog I found,” she reported.

At the craft store, she had a hard time deciding exactly what type of paint to get.  There were so many different kinds!

“I thought I followed the directions for what type of paint to choose.  Too bad all the Martha stuff looks the same.  I grabbed glass paint instead of regular acrylic paint.”

Well, we can’t fault Jana for that.  They are glass ornaments after all.

In fact, you’d think that if you’re painting on glass, you may as well go with the special glass paint.

Oh, but the directions called for regular paint.

“It could have worked…if I was actually an artist and knew how to paint something nice, instead of just squirting it into the ornament like the directions tell you to do.”

Christmas Bauble Fail


The whole squirt-the-paint thing wasn’t going so well.  Jana decided to add water to help spread it around.  That would fix everything.

“Yeah, I added too much water,” she lamented.

Maybe ornaments with “paint glopped on one side, and nothing on the other” will become a new Christmas fashion statement.


Maybe not.

Nailed it.

Christmas Baubles Nailed It


3 Responses to Colorful Bauble Ornaments – Nailed It

  1. F Saunders says:

    Oh, also, make sure you drain any excess paint out of the ornaments and set them somewhere safe to dry, thoroughly. Otherwise they become glass paint bombs.

    Also, do not send the still-wet and paint-filled ornaments home with a group of 9-year-old kids. They will drop them. You will be cleaning paint and glass shards off the gym floor for the rest of the evening. Your youth group’s leader will not be impressed, nor will the other parents.

    Lastly, hot water and soap do a wonderful job cleaning acrylic paint off things, while it is still wet.

  2. T says:

    They sell clear plastic ornaments. It might work the same and it would be more kid friendly

  3. Aurelas says:

    F Saunders, you have me laughing hysterically at the horrific images you are conjuring up. I think I will just steer clear of this one altogether.

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