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Crumbly Crayon Muffin Flop

muffin tin crayons

Here’s one I’ve actually done before (and I have the ruined muffin tin to prove it). I’d like to pretend that I tried this craft because I wanted to do a fun activity with my kids, but the truth is I wanted a cheap, easy gift to give to my kids’ classmates on Valentines Day. Plus, I hate it – haaaate it – when our crayon box gets clogged up with a bunch of broken, unsharpened crayons with no wrappers. I probably need professional help for that, but I’m starting to get off topic.

Anyway, it sure sounded easy enough – all you have to do is put broken crayons in a muffin tin and melt them in the oven at a low temperature. When they harden, you have brand new crayons – and fewer busted, paperless crayon stubs lying around.

My upcycled crayons didn’t end up looking nearly as pretty as the ones above by hands on: as we grow though, probably because I didn’t sort my colors very well and all my crayons ended up brown. Not very Valentiney, to say the least.

But I guess I’m not the only one who had trouble with it – reader Michelle says she and her roommate might have overcooked theirs just a tad.

muffin tin crayon fail

Well, they’re a little shriveled, and I see whole chunks of unmelted crayon in there even though some of the other ones look burnt, and I bet their kitchen curtains still smell a like charred wax. But other than that, I think they came out great!

muffin tin crayon collage

Join Robyn on her blog, Hollow Tree Ventures, where there are more laughs and embarrassing confessions (maybe she’ll even tell you about that time she gave brown crayons to all her kids’ friends on Valentines Day).

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