Ghost Mud Gaffe

ghost mud

If you’re like me, you live under a rock and have never heard of this stuff. But according to the charming tutorial on, Ghost Mud is a great sensory activity for kids. They say, “It’s similar to playdough, but softer and silkier,” which sounds awesome, but the main attraction for me is that the ingredients are Ivory soap, toilet paper, and water – three things I’d love to be able to trick my kids into actually using for a change.

Reader Jessica of Four Plus An Angel must have felt the same way when she decided to try it out, but she ran into a few problems. You know, little problems like a broken plate in the microwave. And a house fire.

ghost mud - not so great

Instead of slick, clean moldable dough, Jessica got something that looks like a mummy filled with marshmallows melted in her kitchen. She explains:

I microwaved soap until it caught on fire, then mixed it with toilet paper and added the food coloring to try to cover up the burnt crusted soap color. No clue why it didn’t turn out like the original.

Strangely, that’s pretty much what the instructions say to do. Well, except for the fire.

ghost mud - nailed it

Check out more funny on Robyn’s blog, Hollow Tree Ventures – microwave fire free since 2011!

4 Responses to Ghost Mud Gaffe

  1. Anna says:

    that is too funny. not every day the kids get a craft project AND a fire demonstration!

  2. robyn says:

    Safety first! Oh no wait, crafts first – then safety.

  3. Jessica says:

    I’m laughing so hard and still wondering where I went wrong. So basically my usual post-craft routine.

  4. Michelle says:

    I’ve made this a lot. I volunteer in a sensory classroom for children who have autism, and we call it clean mud.

    The trick is to tear the toilet paper up into small pieces. About 2 rolls shredded. Then add in 1 grated bar of Ivory soap. Slowly mix in 2 cups of warm water (a little at a time, judging consistency) and knead, knead, knead. A LOT of kneading. I don’t mean like 5-6 times. I mean knead for 10-15 minutes. The trick is to get the TP to come apart so that the fibers separate. Also, cheap toilet paper works better than expensive.

    It should be about the consistency of mashed potatoes and can be resealed.

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