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sweet potato latke

I’ve heard that one of the major advantages of celebrating Hanukkah is being encouraged to eat plenty of food that’s fried in oil, like the delicious sweet potato latkes¬†pictured above by eat, live, run. Who can argue with that?

That’s why the anonymous Toulouse, of Toulouse and Tonic, agreed to fry some up as part of her family’s Chrismukkah celebration, which blends some of the Christmas traditions she treasures with some of the Hanukkah traditions from her husband’s faith.

Isn’t that beautiful, when different people can come together like that?

But you know what wasn’t beautiful, and didn’t come together? You guessed it – her latkes.

latke notke

As she points out, they sort of turned into hash browns, but in my opinion she gets bonus points for actually owning a plate that says, “I love latke!” She wasn’t so easy on herself, though.

In case you can’t tell, I also chose to make them VERY unkosher by putting BACON into them. I am a disaster of a shiksa bride.

Come on, I wouldn’t say you’re a disaster! But your latkes sure are.

sweet potato latke - notke

Join Robyn for more funny at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she doesn’t even attempt to make latkes – or cook bacon, for that matter.

2 Responses to Latke NOTke

  1. Toulouse says:

    While they were quite the craftfail, I have to tell you they were DELICIOUS! When all else fails, add bacon.

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