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Mint Serving Platter – Melted Mess

Melted Mint Candy Platter

Oh the holidays.  So many wonderful, festive things we can do!

Reader Rebecca saw this photo and thought, “what a festive plate for my holiday treats!  I could hardly wait to serve my red velvet cheese balls on a perfectly coordinated red and white starlight mint platter.  Surely my co-workers would admire my talent for creative baking.”

Off she went to the store…da-dee-dum.

They only had red and green starlight swirls and no sign of those pretty white centers.

Not a problem!  Nothing would be dashing her holiday spirit.

When she got home, she unwrapped each individual mint.  She put so much time and thoughtfulness into making a perfect 7×7″ square.

A square that would be such a delightful addition to the holiday party.

Into the oven they went.

Three minutes in: looking fabulous!

Five minutes in: They’re melting so nicely together!

Seven minutes in: Are they supposed to bubble like that on the sides?

Nine minutes in: Why is it lopping to one side like that?

One minute later…That doesn’t quite look like the platter in the original picture:

Melted mint platter fail

Guess who will have to find another platter for those red velvet cheese balls?

Nailed it!

Starlight Mint Plate Nailed It


5 Responses to Mint Serving Platter – Melted Mess

  1. Katrina says:

    Line your pan with parchment paper. Make sure to leave a little extra on the sides so you can pull the platter out of the pan more easily after its done. Also, only bake for 7-8min and monitor closely after you hit the five min mark. And make sure you use a pan with sides– it helps maintain the thickness of the candy and the platter won’t break as easily. Let the platter site for a few hours before removing from the pan and let it sit for 24hrs before adding anything on top of it. Otherwise it may shatter.

  2. Terrye says:

    Things always look better on Pinterest, don’t they? Seeing these craft fails always makes me feel better about myself and all of my failures. Thank you for a much needed laugh and letting me know I’m not the only ‘fail’ out there. :)

  3. Karen says:

    I’m pretty sure that is what my platter would look like if I was brave enough to try this!

  4. Robin says:

    I saw this on “The Chew” TV program. They made a special point of saying that you have to use the peppermints that are only striped and have white centers because the swirled ones would not work. Sorry yours didn’t turn out.

  5. nunya says:

    also, it seems the oven in fail was perhaps not level

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