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Mint Serving Platter – Melted Mess

Melted Mint Candy Platter

Oh the holidays.  So many wonderful, festive things we can do!

Reader Rebecca saw this photo and thought, “what a festive plate for my holiday treats!  I could hardly wait to serve my red velvet cheese balls on a perfectly coordinated red and white starlight mint platter.  Surely my co-workers would admire my talent for creative baking.”

Off she went to the store…da-dee-dum.

They only had red and green starlight swirls and no sign of those pretty white centers.

Not a problem!  Nothing would be dashing her holiday spirit.

When she got home, she unwrapped each individual mint.  She put so much time and thoughtfulness into making a perfect 7×7″ square.

A square that would be such a delightful addition to the holiday party.

Into the oven they went.

Three minutes in: looking fabulous!

Five minutes in: They’re melting so nicely together!

Seven minutes in: Are they supposed to bubble like that on the sides?

Nine minutes in: Why is it lopping to one side like that?

One minute later…That doesn’t quite look like the platter in the original picture:

Melted mint platter fail

Guess who will have to find another platter for those red velvet cheese balls?

Nailed it!

Starlight Mint Plate Nailed It


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