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Pancake Dispenser Disaster

Pancake dispenser

When I saw this on Pinterest – a clever solution for easily dispensing pancake batter from a ketchup bottle without any mess by crafterholic - I thought to myself, “That is the single most ingenious breakfast idea since the invention of the toaster.” I pinned it immediately.

I then waited six months to try it.

That’s because, in order for this project to actually become reality in my house, the stars have to align – meaning I have to be making pancakes, remember that I pinned this, AND have an empty ketchup bottle available, all at the same time.

Frankly, I’m amazed I ever attempted it at all.

Of course, when I finally did try it, I made the mistake of breaking Pinterest Rule #47: Never assume you know how to do something just by looking at the picture. But I was in a hurry, and I thought, “You put the batter in the bottle, you squirt it out. How hard could it be?”

pancake dispenser fail

I’m well aware that dry pancake batter is second only to drywall dust in the category of Irritating Powders That Hang Suspended In The Air Until You Inhale An Unhealthy Amount And The Rest Settles In An Impossible To Clean Layer On Everything In Your House (yes, that’s a category of things – I looked it up); I couldn’t figure out how to shake it into the bottle without making a mess, so I mixed up the batter first.

Then I tried to spoon the batter into the bottle, but it just ran down the sides. So I got out the funnel (Why didn’t I think of using the funnel for the powder???), but the batter was too thick to drain into the bottle. I decided to push it down with a paper cupcake liner, but the batter just stuck to the paper.

Luckily, the kids had so much fun laughing at me that they didn’t even seem to mind later when I burned the pancakes.

pancake dispenser - nailed it

You can read more about my various failures on my blog, Hollow Tree Ventures – I promise I won’t make you eat any of my pancakes.

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