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Pretzel Kiss Candy Treat-tastrophe

pretzel M&M Kiss treat

These little Pretzel Kiss M&M treats from Kinzie’s Kreations (an idea she adapted from TaDa! Creations) should be so easy – just put a chocolate kiss on a pretzel, warm it up in the oven, and press an M&M into the softened kiss. The hardest part is not eating all the M&Ms while you’re waiting for the oven to preheat, right?

Not according to reader Cairsten.

Let me first say I’m pretty bad at baking. I love to cook but baking calls for too much precision for my liking or patience. With that in mind, I figured even I could accomplish these cute little pretzel, Hershey kiss, and M&M creations with a super easy set of directions. Well, I couldn’t. The kisses never melted even after 20 minutes in my oven and the M&M’s just broke most of the pretzels underneath the stone cold kisses. For the M&M’s that didn’t crush the pretzels, they instead created a sink hole of cracked chocolate. Oh well, maybe next time? My students got a good laugh and every single broken one was eaten.

Pretzel M&M kiss fail

You aren’t kidding, Cairsten! Those sweet, salty treats look a little like they’ve been beaten with a hammer. But if your students all agree they were still delicious, that’s an A+ in my grade book.

pretzel treat - nailed it

If you’d like more laughs visit Robyn at her blog, Hollow Tree Ventures – where the failure is funny, but usually not edible.

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