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Single-Serve Cookie – A Singular Fail

Single-serve Microwave Cookie

I don’t know who these people are who just want to make ONE COOKIE at a time, do you? But this recipe for Single Serve Microwave Cookies by BoxOfPopTarts does look delicious, and I suppose I could fit several mug-fulls of batter in the microwave at once…

Except I’m going to learn from reader Kathryn’s mistakes, so I don’t end up with this:

Microwave cookie fail

Katheryn says:

I saw this cookie made in a microwave and wanted to make it for dessert. Well, I guess I didn’t measure it correctly and ended up with this. It doesn’t taste bad it just doesn’t taste… good?

“It doesn’t taste bad” isn’t exactly the best cookie review I’ve ever heard, though I guess it explains why the bowl is half empty. But who can blame her? A poorly measured cookie is way better than no cookie at all.

microwave cookie - nailed it

Visit Robyn on her blog, Hollow Tree Ventures, for more funny stuff (but not nearly as much sweetness as a microwavable cookie).

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