Kitty Tunnel – Chucked It

Sewed Kitty Tunnel

Reader Lindsay really wanted to make something special for her kitty.  She saw this cat who looked like he loved his kitty tunnel in Amy Butler’s In Stitches. The tunnel was so cute!

She needed a sewing project and thought this would work perfectly.

She took an old wool scarf she didn’t wear anymore and cut it up.  It would be good for the inside of the tunnel because it was worn and looked like a lion’s mane.  The goal was for the inside to be soft.

Then, Lindsay used a simple skirt she once made for the outside.

All cats love it when their owners go to extreme lengths to please them, right?  Lindsay’s cat would appreciate this labor of love and cherish the tunnel.  Hopefully he would use it to curl up inside.

Kitty Tunnel Fail

 “Murph” had other ideas.

From the looks of it, he’s thinking up a plan of attack, either on how to claw the thing or how to eat it.

We’re not sure.

Lindsay threw it away.

But we do know one thing: Nailed it!

Kitty Tunnel Fail

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