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The Condemned Gingerbread House

Martha Stewart gingerbread house

 Oh Martha, you’ve raised the bar again. In this tutorial for a Snow-Swept Gingerbread Cottage, the Reigning Queen of Craftiness walks us through the basic steps of constructing a gingerbread house that’s more elaborately decorated for the holidays than the actual house I live in (and is probably sturdier, too).

Not only are they beautiful and delicious, making gingerbread houses can be a wonderful tradition to start with your family, sure to create years of warm, loving memories. Unfortunately, it can also create years of rocking in the corner, quietly mumbling to yourself between sips of rum-laden eggnog. Don’t believe me? Just ask Anna of My Life And Kids how her attempt went, starting with the icing that broke her beaters.

broken beaters

I didn’t even know that was possible! I also wouldn’t have believed that things went downhill from there – until I saw it with my own eyes.

the gingerbread house that sadness built

Amazingly, with a little help from her kids (and a hot glue gun) she was able to finish the project. How did it turn out?

gingerbread cottage - nailed it

For more pictures and the life lessons Anna learned from the ordeal, read her story on My Life And Kids. For more of Robyn’s humor, which may or may not make you rock in the corner guzzling eggnog, visit her at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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