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The Pintester Takes on Giant Bubbles

I don’t have any kids, but I’m still a sucker for a super-easy, homemade recipe that results in something fun, like giant soap clouds, or BIGASS BUBBLES! Enter the Giant Bubbles pin…

Image from, user  ~Leslie~

Image from, user ~Leslie~

What fun! And I happened to have all of the ingredients on hand. Now, you probably all remember that my corn syrup is woefully past its expiration date, but no one died last time I used it, and this recipe isn’t even meant to be eaten, so I figured I was golden.

First I added corn syrup to the water…


I was a little afraid that the two would not combine as the whole thing began with a solid-ish lump of corn syrup at the bottom of the water, but it all mixed eventually.


Then I added my dish soap.


The instructions said to stir gently without creating bubbles, and I almost managed.


I chanted my usual mantra of “good enough,” and took the whole thing outside to test it out.

For control purposes (since I’m always so scientific), I blew some grocery store bubbles first.


And then I moved on to my vat of BIGASS BUBBLES.


Uh… All I can say is, “Womp womp.” (That was a sad trombone noise, in case you didn’t get it.)

I did manage to get a big bubble here and there, but nothing like in the pinned picture. Plus I didn’t have a kid and a dog running around my ankles like maniacs, so I don’t think I had nearly as much fun.

I guess I can’t call this a total fail, but it’s a total disappointment, anyway.


To see more of Pintester’s tests (most of which are also CraftFails), check out her blog at

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