Tootsie Pop Turkey Flop

Tootsie Pop turkey

Here’s a clever craft idea for making a Tootsie Pop turkey, found on Tippy Toes and Tantrums. I love this, because (in case you didn’t know) I’m not much of a chef, so mixing up this recipe of chocolate kisses, candy, and glue is about the closest I’ll ever come to making a turkey anyone would be interested in eating.

Jaymi, a fan of Craft Fail on Facebook, probably wasn’t trying to pass these off as a main course like I would, though. I assume was going to use them for their originally intended purpose – Thanksgiving place setting decorations.

However, her project didn’t turn out quite as cute and friendly as the inspiration.

Tootsie Pop turkey fail

Instead of making her dinner guests feel welcome, this little guy is more likely to send them running for the door. Still, that’s better than the reason MY dinner guests usually go running from the table. *cough, cough, food poisoning, cough*

tootsie pop turkey nailed it

For more laughs visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where her wit is as dry and tasteless as her turkey.

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