Turkey Cookies – Nailed It

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

When reader Jennifer saw these delicious cookies, she knew she had to make some.

She’s an activity director at a home for seniors and thought they would love a special treat.

Unfortunately, the grocery store was out of candy corn, and she thought that perhaps M&M’s would be a fine substitute.

No problem.  Drop a few M&M’s where the feathers would be, add a little frosting, glop on a little beak….

Turkey Cookies - Nailed it

 Do you think the seniors cared if their turkeys had cobbled feathers?

Nah, they probably enjoyed a little cobble gobble.

Thanksgiving turkey sugar cookies

Turkey cookies recipe?  Nailed it.

7 Responses to Turkey Cookies – Nailed It

  1. neosontr says:

    This website is awesome. I continually encounter some thing new & different right here. Thank you for that data.

  2. Sarah says:

    Well, yeah. If you’re going to substitute candy that looks totally different than candy corn, they’re not going to turn out to look the same. Half-assed effort = half-assed results.

  3. Cosmic says:

    Geez, Sarah, go out and buy yourself a sense of humour for the holiday season, will you?

  4. Aurelas says:

    They look kind of like the Angry Birds to me…you could always say that’s what you were going for!

  5. They DO look like Angry Birds! :-D

  6. nicole says:

    they probably should have used the right materials and they would have nailed it.

  7. Annie says:

    Um..wow. Shocked by the internet hate…did they read the part where this was for seniors?…doubt it mattered if it were candy corn or M&Ms…cute craft either way!! plus I think more people would enjoy M&Ms!

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