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Barbecue Muffins – Nailed It

Farmhouse BBQ MuffinsThe friends are coming over and what do you do?  You break out the appetizers!

Sometimes, though, you get this little desire to go above and beyond for your friends.  You know: show them some home-baked goodness.  Carrots and celery are always good standbys, but they only get you so far.

So, you branch out from the stick vegetables and incorporate some tough-girl food.

Reader Anne decided to give these farmhouse barbecue muffins a try.

They’re supposed to be easy.  Muffins, a little barbecue and cheese…

And a little beef.  Everyone will want some!

BBQ muffins fail

 “Please eat them – just try them,” Anne begged.

She looked at the reluctant stares on everyone’s faces.

After awhile, she finally convinced her guests that their taste buds would be rewarded with barbecue spice and everything nice.

Try them they did and they liked them!

The next step: figuring out how to make barbecue look pretty.

Nailed it!

barbecue muffins nailed it



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