Bombed Button Bowl

button bowl

If you’ve ever spent more than a grand total of fourteen seconds on Pinterest, then you’ve no doubt seen roughly seventy jillion pins for button bowls, like the one pictured above by designs by kristen. They’re all based on the original button bowl, an amazing work of art called “knoop” by iñigo cañedo, which was first seen on CraftFail in Button Bowl… Busted. However, like Michelangelo and his sculpture of David, this artist didn’t provide instructions for how to recreate the masterpiece.

A lack of instructions has never stopped a true crafter, though! The original has inspired countless attempts at reproductions and colorful spinoffs, all trying to achieve iñigo cañedo’s clean, glossy, symmetrical perfection. Most crafters who guess at the artist’s process agree on the main supplies (buttons, white glue, a balloon, and zen-like patience), but not everyone who combines them meets with success.

Like reader Jackie, for instance.

button bowl fail

I can only assume that this is NOT the result Jackie was going for. She says she took a crafting break halfway through, and returned to find the balloon had taken a break of its own. With the balloon popped, the whole bowl is a bust.

button bowl nailed it

For more laughs, join Robyn on her blog – at Hollow Tree Ventures, the only buttons that go “pop” are the ones on her pants after a big meal.

10 Responses to Bombed Button Bowl

  1. Anna says:

    ok, this is sad but this makes me want to make a button bowl. and delude myself mine would turn out nice. (ha)

  2. Diane says:

    Every time I see this project on Pinterest, I think “that’s a CraftFail just waiting to happen!”

  3. Jules says:

    That isnt a fail, it turned out exactly like mine did!!! Stupid buttons kept sliding off.

  4. Alyssa says:

    HAHAHAHA! That is amazing! :)

  5. Joni says:

    I know it wouldn’t be as cool, but if you have a clear or white plastic bowl you could just glue the buttons on it.

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  7. Evey says:

    I had some really hard times trying to use these balloons for crafting. And the result was always the same, DISASTER. Then I had an idea of trying to use balls, like these ones
    and seriously, a miracle happens! And ya dont have to keep buying balloons over and over again.. once ya finish with the ball, just deflate it! And you can use it over and over again.
    Havent tried the ball idea with this, I might soon. If I do, I’ll share my disaster with you hahaha

  8. Lillie says:

    I tried this, the buttons kept sliding off. I wonder if there is a better way to do this

  9. elena says:

    designer’s own words: Knoop is made from plastic buttons carefully glued together over a hemispheric mold to form a bowl. The translucency of the plastic causes beautiful light projections over the surface the bowl is, extending the personality of the bowl to its surroundings. Because of the nature of the materials needed to make the bowl (buttons mainly), a meticulous hand process is needed too construct one of them.

  10. Kelly says:

    :’D You people used BALLOONS?! Seriously?! Balloons? You do this inside of a bowl from bottom to top. x’D Balloons…. HA!

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