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chocolate chunk muffin

The only flaw in a scrumptious chocolate muffin that’s comprised primarily of chocolate chips and deliciousness, is the calorie-related guilt I feel after eating one. Or a dozen. But that’s no problem with this recipe for Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffins by Healthy Is Always Better, according to Pinterest and the voices in my head that beg me to believe they’re really only 58 calories each.

Can a person really start with ingredients like vanilla, cocoa, and chocolate chips and still end up with something that doesn’t taste like heaven? Would I be writing about it if they turned out anything like the inspiration photo? I’ll let reader Kate explain it, since I couldn’t have said it better than she did in her submission:

I’ve been wanting to give these 50 calorie chocolate chunk muffins a try for awhile – double chocolate chunk yumminess that I can take to work in the morning? Yes, please. After a few weeks of staring at the recipe, I finally set out to buy oats and applesauce and Greek yogurt and all of that other “healthy” stuff that you don’t normally find in my house.

The recipe calls for your ingredients to be mixed in a blender until the oats are all mashed up…when it came to “pour your mixture into a bowl and fold in chocolate chips”, I found that to be a bit of a problem because the “mixture” would require no “folding”. The mixture was pure liquid and the chocolate chips just sunk to the bottle of the bowl.

I tried crushing and adding more oats to see if that might help thicken the consistency of the muffin mixture…while it made the batter look more like actual batter, it didn’t, in the long run, actually fix anything.

And so, I now present to you, my 50 calorie chocolate chunk hockey pucks (that, on top of being sad looking, also tasted like ass). Nailed it!

Chocolate chunk muffin - Nailed-It

You thought she was exaggerating, didn’t you? Me too, although it looks like she still might be able to salvage those chips…

Clean-Eating-Chocolate-Muffin NAILED IT

For more laughs visit Robyn at her place, Hollow Tree Ventures, where no joke gets wasted, and no chocolate hockey puck goes untasted.

4 Responses to Chocolate Chunk Hockey Pucks

  1. Adrian says:

    The pinterest recipe is gone but I found the original recipe: Not a super baker but those ingredients seem a little over the top in complexity (why all the chemicals? Shouldn’t just the baking powder do the work?). On the other hand I make my muffins from a just-add-water mix.

  2. Leslie says:

    I’ve made these and actually had great success! I use evaporated cane juice, and just use less (somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 of a cup)….it is true that the batter is a lot more liquid than I’ve had with other muffin recipes, but the taste was pretty good and I totally enjoyed them.

  3. Marguerite says:

    chemicals? It’s just baking powder and … baking powder (baking soda plus cream of tartar). unless you mean the sugar substitute?

  4. Sara says:

    I’ve actually tried this recipe. Not as difficult as it seemed. Took a little getting used to using the food processor to grind the oats, but just following the instructions got the promised delicious muffins. Not sure what happened to the tester, but the recipe works.

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