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Funny, Runny Sun Catcher

melted bead sun catcher

Just look at these beaded beauties, shining in the sun! Pictured here is a collection of melted bead sun catchers, as found on, and you can have one (or fifty) hanging on your front porch, too. All you need to do is melt some cheap plastic beads in a metal or ceramic dish, let your melted disc cool, and drill a hole in it. BAM! You’ll be catching rays in no time.

Or will you? Reader Lisa wrote in to let us know that some sun catchers should probably be hidden from the light of day.

sun catcher fail

Ack, my eyes! It’s worse than looking directly into the sun itself! Okay, maybe not that bad, but they do remind me of the petri dishes we used to grow mold on in high school science class. What went wrong, Lisa?

First of all the silver beads didn’t melt…then even when I tried it without the silver beads the black beads ran into the clear beads so it still looked like crap and my house stunk for 2 days!!

I see… although part of me wishes I didn’t.

sun catcher nailed it

For more laughs, visit Robyn on her blog, Hollow Tree Ventures, where you won’t catch any rays of sunshine, but you probably won’t catch whatever fungus this poor craft fail has, either.

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