Glob Shaped Bird Feeder

Heart Shaped Gelatin Bird Feeder

Christmas for a teacher can be tough – you feel the pressure to give to EVERYONE at school – other teachers, some students, even some parents – because you love them all.

Reader Jenny had the perfect solution to her gift-giving predicament: bird seed and gelatin feeders from Alphamom!

Being from Colorado, all the outdoorsy-types would LOVE it!

She could make heart-shapes, candy-cane shapes, and stars. ¬†The birds will come flocking to everyone’s yard for their flower seed pleasure.

And all the gift recipients can watch their neighbors with bird-envy as the little winged creatures nibble at those crafty feeders.

Shaped Bird Feeder Fail

Except there’s one little problem: gelatin might not qualify as nature’s glue especially when it’s above freezing.


Maybe the relatives in Alaska will appreciate the birdfeeders – where it stays frozen for a good part of the year.

Nailed it.

Heart Shaped Birdfeeder Nailed It

2 Responses to Glob Shaped Bird Feeder

  1. Jill says:

    I tried to make one of these last year for my mother in law. The Pinspiration I was a a ring-shaped bird feeder made using a bundt pan. It fell apart in her hands as she opened the gift. The whole family was cracking up. “Look at the awesome present my Daughter in Law got me! A pile of birdseed!” What a disaster!

  2. Rennie Simpson says:

    I have made hundreds of these since the mid-1980’s. I use a recipe of cornsyrup, flour and a dab of water. Mix in the kitchenaid for a good 1/2 hour. Use non stick spray liberally on larger cookie cutters and cookie sheet. Tuna cans with tops and bottoms off work well, too. Bake on a low, low heat for 5-6 hours, turning every hour. Use a straw to make a hole after the first turning.

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