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Star Wars Cookies Gone Wrong

Star Wars Cookie Fail


Geekologie just might have brought us to a new level of intergalactic cookie-baking.

The Force is strong in some places.  Like Earth.

If you don’t use special interstellar dough, droids might blow up your cookies to epic proportions using that ever-present Force.

And blow up they did.

Or maybe Jabba snuck in there somewhere and added extra sugar.  That slimy worm-infested slug.

He’s still up to his old tricks.

That’s right, it’s better if we just blame Jabba.  He was always a shady character.  He wanted to claim his rightful spot in the rite of intergalactic cookie-baking.

Just look at those bloated blobs.  If they don’t look like him, they look like his palace.

Use the Force against him, for it is with you also.









8 Responses to Star Wars Cookies Gone Wrong

  1. Katie Lynn says:

    Those are amazing. It doesn’t even look like you used a cookie cutter on them! (and the reason they did that is because they were warm. When you want to keep the shape of something pop the cookies into the freezer for about 10 minutes before you cook them.)

  2. Tess says:

    Aww, I actually wanted to buy those cookie molds…

  3. Emily says:

    Katie Lynn is right, the dough was probably warm, but also I suspect they just used sugar cookie dough from a tube in the grocery store refrigerator section. If you make your own dough from scratch at home, you can leave out the baking powder so that it won’t rise and puff like that!

  4. Lbw1138 says:

    I have a set of these from Williams Sonoma and if I use the recipe that came with it, following all directions it works great. If I try a different recipe, not so much.

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  6. KB says:

    It might just be the type of cookie. Shortbread or something else that doesn’t rise to very much would probably turn out great.

  7. Jenni says:

    Hey, it looks like maybe you didn’t roll the dough out thin enough? I’ve made these a few times and the only time they don’t hold the shape properly is when I’ve left them too fat! Also, the dough in the fridge beforehand helps. I’ve used basic cookies recipes and shortbread recipes, both good. Now, icing them is another matter…

  8. Aurelas says:

    I have a recipe that used to do that every time, and I finally figured out that it was because I substituted margarine for butter. It melts differently and can make a surprising difference in some cases! I don’t use margarine at all anymore. Real butter really is worth the extra cost! (unless you’re vegan of course)

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