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Star Wars Cookies Gone Wrong

Star Wars Cookie Fail


Geekologie just might have brought us to a new level of intergalactic cookie-baking.

The Force is strong in some places.  Like Earth.

If you don’t use special interstellar dough, droids might blow up your cookies to epic proportions using that ever-present Force.

And blow up they did.

Or maybe Jabba snuck in there somewhere and added extra sugar.  That slimy worm-infested slug.

He’s still up to his old tricks.

That’s right, it’s better if we just blame Jabba.  He was always a shady character.  He wanted to claim his rightful spot in the rite of intergalactic cookie-baking.

Just look at those bloated blobs.  If they don’t look like him, they look like his palace.

Use the Force against him, for it is with you also.









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