Wallet Whoopsy


What I like best about this handmade wallet found on www.tapuz.co.il, besides how cute it is, would probably be the implication that I have cash to put in it.

I even thought it looked like something I might be able to make myself, until I saw this submission from reader Michal:

wallet fail

“Well, that doesn’t look so bad,” I hear you saying over the sound of me zig-zag stitching my fingers together in the sewing machine. And I would agree with you, except for one thing – these wallets were BOTH made by Michal.

If the creator of an inspiration project can fail at it, what hope is there for me? Granted, she admitted she might have been drunk when she crookedly sewed the second one (suuuure, Michal – that’s the excuse I use, too). But sometimes drinking is the only way I can gather enough courage to start crafting in the first place, so if sobriety is the only chance I have at success, I guess I’ll have to be content with the knowledge that I don’t really need a wallet, anyway.

wallet NAILED IT

Find more of Robyn’s funny at Hollow Tree Ventures, where all the bad puns (and most other things) are blamed on alcohol.

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  1. renee says:

    thats actually not bad if that was your first attempt at making one. zippers can be tricking and will all those pockets, thats a LOT of measuring and cutting. it looks good. I’d use it :)

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