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Zombie Strawberry Snowmen

Strawberry snowmenYou may have seen this cute picture on Pinterest or at the blog Collecting Vintage and Contemporary Jewelry.

Yeah, it’s perfect and cute, isn’t it?  That’s exactly what reader Ellen thought.

So simple, anybody could do it.

In fact, you smile to yourself, Why it’s so simple! Cut the top of a strawberry and add some cream.  Oh yeah, I got this!  Why didn’t I think to make these before anyone else did?

And the wheels start spinning.  You’re thinking pineapple, canteloupe, kiwi.  Then there are mangoes, apples and oranges.  How many cool things can you make?  Maybe little fruit people could be even be a future career choice!

But, you think, just start with the strawberries first.  After all, that’s the photo that inspired everything.


Strawberry Snowman Fail

Okay, so maybe making fruit people isn’t the best career choice.

You could always call them Zombie Santa Clauses.  Nobody would ever know that you meant to do anything different.

Strawberry Snowmen?  Nailed it.

Strawberry snowman nailed it


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