Boston Cream Pie Mix-Up


There’s a Boston Cream Pie recipe from that results in the fluffy, vanilla pudding-y, chocolate glazed delight you see above.

Just one problem – what happens when you crave the rich sweetness that Boston cream pie delivers, but you’re short on egg yolks? Or baking powder? Or time? Or clean mixing bowls?

That’s when the efficient convenience of dessert mixes come in to play. Recipes require so many ingredients, so many measurements, so many steps, and as a result, so many ways to screw up. Mixes eliminate the guesswork, making for a perfect product every time.

Don’t they?

boston cream pie fail

Reader Janet seems to have run into trouble somewhere along the way, mixing up the steps, or the layers, or… something. Well, it still counts as a sweet treat even if you didn’t make it from scratch; no one’s going to judge you for taking a shortcut with a mix now and then (or always, if you’re like me). Now, if you somehow manage to mix up the mix, they might judge you a little. But that’s fine, they don’t have to eat any! That just leaves more for those of us who know that sometimes, the beauty of a dessert is only crust-deep.

Boston_Cream_Pie nailed it

For more funny, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where you’ll find out why she feels just about as messed up as that second pie looks.

3 Responses to Boston Cream Pie Mix-Up

  1. That second one looks happier than the first one. Crafting fail = deliciously happy in my eyes. Anything with chocolate on it can’t be a bad thing, right? I would be happy to grab a glass of wine and a fork for diving. YUM!

  2. Lbw1138 says:

    I often fail at BCPs. The trick is to just cook two separate cake instead of one and slicing it. Assuming you can get them out of the pan without falling apart.

  3. paloma smith says:

    looks like she didn’t cool it before icing….

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