Cake Pop Flop

chocolate peppermint cake pops

Cake pops – individual bites of cake, on a stick. All of the flavor, none of the fork washing! They’re all the rage on Pinterest, like the chocolate peppermint cake pops by A Cup Of Mascarpone seen here. But these pretty pops are just the tip of the iceberg – one peek at Pinterest and you’ll see cake pops that look like watermelons, or popcorn, or cowboys (?!?), and some so pretty I’d be afraid to eat them.

But they aren’t all this cute. Remember the turkey pops? And the Sesame Street ones? And remember what cake popping did to poor Minnie Mouse?

So reader Anna wasn’t alone when she tried what she’d seen a thousand times on Pinterest, but ended up with baked scoops of cake that turned out to be not exactly Pinterest material.

cake pop flop

Too bad her cake wouldn’t stay on the stick, and her candy melts wouldn’t stay stuck to the pop! Oh well, they might be lumpy and drippy and bald in some spots, but you know what we say: the nice thing about food fails is that at least you can eat the evidence.

cake pop nailed it

Please pop on over for more funny at Robyn’s blog, Hollow Tree Ventures!

5 Responses to Cake Pop Flop

  1. Sheri says:

    These really aren’t bad! The hard part is getting the cake to stay in the ball. She just should double dip the coating. They’d be spiffy!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    These things require finesse and patience. Those were done in a rush that’s why they look like crap. I’ve done many things off Pinterest, some have been better than the original, and some have been mediocre. Just depends on my days.

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  5. twinkies says:

    My friend is a professional baker, she said she adds bakers wax to her chocolate mix to prevent clumping (her cake pops are beautiful.) I didn’t ask where she got it because I’d rather give my kids lumpy cake pops that just more chemicals that I could avoid.

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