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Dumpling Disaster

Chinese Dumplings

These Chinese dumplings are called guo tie¬†according to the recipe by Hunger Hunger, though the bite-sized bits of yum are better known as “pot stickers” in North America.

Whatever you call them, reader Mariana had a craving. She’s a Singapore native trying to find some affordable, authentic Chinese food in her current home of Istanbul. This kind of food is easy to get where she’s from, so to her, these dumplings are like little chunks of home.

What better way to get the taste she craves than to make them herself? Just flatten the dough, add the filling, close them up, and boil or fry. Simple enough, right?


Poor Mariana. I guess one lesson we’ve learned here is that putting the dumplings in a bowl after wrapping them up makes them stick together in a big lump. The other lesson? There’s no place like home.

Chinese dumplings nailed it

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One Response to Dumpling Disaster

  1. Brandy says:

    Dumplings can be tricky,but oh-so-delicious once mastered.

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