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Gluten-Free Glop

gluten free pie crust

Maybe you’ve heard of this “gluten” stuff that seems to be in just about everything that’s edible. Based on my exhaustive scientific research (four minutes spent on, gluten appears to be nature’s leading cause of deliciousness. Unfortunately, some people are sensitive to it, which has lead to the frantic rewriting of recipes for many of our favorite foods. Now we can all safely enjoy things like this gluten-free pie crust by without the fear of exposure to this marvelous yet occasionally toxic ingredient.

That was the goal of reader Nineeve, who just wanted to enjoy her pecan pie in a gluten-free environment. Is that too much to ask? Apparently, yes.

gluten free pie crust fail

Yum! Gluten-free living never looked so good.

gluten free pie crust nailed it

For more funny, visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where no food is turned away, regardless of gluten content – or complete lack of physical attractiveness.

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