Torn Up Tissue Box Guitar

tissue box guitar

A tissue box guitar, like this one from Preschool Crafts For Kids, is a simple and fun project for kids. It teaches them about recycling, basic principles of music, and how to add more noise to the garage band they’d already started with their plastic flutophone, some pan lids, and general out-of-tune scream-singing.

I’m joking, of course – who wouldn’t want to nurture their child’s interest in music? And I almost forgot, this craft also encourages artistic experimentation; the instructions say the tissue box can be decorated with stickers or scraps of paper. Some versions of the guitar tutorial even suggest painting it. That sounds like a great idea!

tissue box guitar fail

Unless paper crumples up when it gets wet while rubber bands are wrapped around it, which apparently it does, as reader Cassandra and her daughter quickly learned. Oh well, I guess it’s back to banging pan lids together. Yay!


For more laughs, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where wet tissue boxes aren’t the only things that crumple under pressure.

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  1. grace lovell says:

    Sometimes things just have to be said…why would one attempt to paint a thin cardboard box? Was the example painted? No and with good reason. I think this is not a craft fail, but a brain fail….just sayin’.

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